“Wonky Droitwich” Returns!

Rosie Philpott first burst onto the local art scene in 2012 with her ‘Wonky Droitwich’ painting, depicting Droitwich Spa’s High Street in a quirky style. Since then the original and a limited number of 250 prints have completely sold out and fans of Rosie’s work have been requesting another version!

“Wonky Droitwich 1938”

The new painting, “Wonky Droitwich 1938” sets the familiar view of the wobbly High Street in the year 1938, bringing a vintage twist to the original.

Rosie explains “I had great fun using our local library to research the shops and owners along the street in 1938 and was surprised by the number of butchers and grocers that existed. I even discovered what a ‘grindery’ and ‘fancy repository’ are. I knew I had to change the painting from the original but keep the same feel, and, as a lover of all things vintage and retro, this seemed the perfect choice”.

Rosie adds, “The famous ‘boy on the bike’ remains but in a slightly different form and I hope my customers enjoy this little nod to the original”.

“Lazy Sunday at the Lido Park”

It has been a very productive first half of the year with two more paintings making their debut: “Lazy Sunday at the Lido Park” depicting a summery scene Droitwich’s popular Lido Park and “Open Day at the Chateau” inspired by last year’s picnic, again with a vintage twist.

The originals, just completed, are for sale at A2 size complete with a solid oak frame. As ever, Rosie will be selling limited-edition prints of her new paintings in sizes A3 and A2 and you can see these in person during the ‘St. Richard’s Festival’ in Vines Park on Saturday 6th May.

“Open Day at the Chateau”

“I hope this makes up for those that missed out on the opportunity to own their own “Wonky Droitwich” and I look forward to seeing people’s reaction to all of my new paintings”.

To get in touch, please email Rosie on [email protected], telephone on 01905 776909 or visit her website at www.rosiephilpott.co.uk

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