The Button Tree Cafe displaying information

Here are few important information about The Button Tree Cafe exhibition space. Please read this if you are interested to display your artwork there or you already booked the date.

1. Location Button Tree Cafe, 40-42 High Street – 01905 798287

2. Overview The Button Tree is keen to provide a space for art of many types in Droitwich.
They already host craft activities and may direct crafts people to participate in DAN

3. Exhibitions Agreement on exhibitions:
* There is space for 8-10 pictures, depending upon size.
* Paintings are displayed at owner’s risk. The cafe is locked overnight and otherwise
there are people present.
* Artwork will be changed on a monthly basis (change-over at month end, avoiding peak
business times)
*Art work must be tasteful so as to fit in with a cafe environment (avoiding disturbing
scenes, etc.)
* Art work would ideally be related (but not necessarily restricted) to the local area.

4. Charges The following charges apply
* Any sales will attract a commission rate of 5% payable to the Button Tree Café. Cards
to be applied to the frame giving potential customers details of a suitable contact.
* There is no fee to display, but hanging is available only to paid up DAN members.

5. Additional information The Button Tree will display DAN posters advertising specific events.

6. Set-up/ take down Change-over will be from 15:15 to 15:45 on the first Tuesday of the month1.

7. Hanging A system involving hooks suspended from curtain rail is in use. The knots attached to the
hooks can be moved up or down. See appendix for tying the knots.

Pictures will look better when hung if the string or hooks are attached near the top of the
Peter Hawkins

Appendix – knot for suspending art works

The Adjustable Grip Hitch

This knot has great grip, yet it slips up and down easily when you want to adjust your tensioning rope. This knot is also fun to make, partly because it uses the same pattern as the adjustable bend, so it feels like it’s part of a family.

adjustable knot

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