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Embroiderer’s Guild & Capability Brown

Starting in February 2016, a series of more than 40 exhibitions by the Embroiderers’ Guild will be organised in various stately homes across the country. The exhibitions are part of  Capability Brown Festival 2016 and thousands of Guild’s members created an exceptional textile art pieces to celebrate Brown’s landscape and planting designs.

DAN member Julia Rollit, who is also a member of Worcester branch of Embroiderer’s Guild, is one of the exhibitors with her lovely landscape of the Croome Court grounds. To create her work, inspired with Brown’s ground landscapes, she combined techniques of painting, felting and stitching. 

Katherine Harris’ textiles in Park’s Café

Katherine Harris displays her artwork in Park’s Café from 2 until 30 May. Katherine’s work has been concerned with capturing the atmosphere inherent in old buildings using a variety of media including fabric, paper, paint, metal. print and machine or hand embroidery. She trained at The University of Reading, Falmouth School of Art & Design and Herefordshire College of Art & Design where in 1993 she won the Governors’ Prize for Craftsmanship.

Tamara Jelača ‘s embroidered illustration

Tamara Jelača has a two-weeks display in Droitwich Library, from 2 April until 16 April. She chose to show her small-format embroidery that was part of the series of illustrations for contemporary American poetry. The piece is inspired by Louis Simpsons famous poem “American Poetry”. Simpson described a poem like a silver mine. Silver does not usually sit on the top of the earth to be grabbed by any prospector. The miner needs to dig, excavate, and search for precious metal. Poetry requires the reader to do the same. For me, a poem is like a tornado. Like a powerful swoosh of ink, words and meanings.