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Arts Week: Guest poet Dave Reeves in Park’s Cafe

Arts Week is good opportunity for all local artists and DAN members to present their art, but it is always good to see what is going on around. Arts Week guest this year is a poet and performer Dave Reeves. Dave contacted us after he found out that his portrait, painted by American artist Cynthia Morrison, is a part of our Mail Art exhibition. It was not the first Dave’s portrait Cynthia has made and some of them were exhibited in the USA and Berlin. Dave joked that maybe one day he will be able to perform in the place where his portrait is shown. And, indeed, Droitwich was the right place.

Music Showcase in St. Andrew’s Church

Music Showcase in St. Andrew’s church was on the programme on Saturday, 21st May. The event started slowly with a limited audience of the first numbers performed by Wilf’s Carnival Band. But the sound of their music (foot tappingly interesting!) drew more people in and the audience numbers swelled as students from Witton Middle School and their families arrived. Indeed, the students joined in with some of the band’s numbers.

DAN member John Dudley won Art Recognition Award for 2015

DAN member John Dudley, the music festival organiser and the man dedicated to discover and promote a young local talents, won Art Recognition Award that is organised by The Whychavon Community. John worked hard to present some extraordinary musicians to the local audience and visitors of Droitwich Spa festivals and other venues.

The Wychavon Community Recognition Awards 2015 were held on 15th March 2016 at Peopleton Village Hall. The top three nominations from each of the eight categories were invited along with their guests to the ceremony where the winner was announced.

Call for accoustic/classical guitarists

DAN meeting in October was very much busy with vivid discussions about past, present and future DAN activities. However, this time we had a 10-minute-long musical break which was very welcomed. Mike Johns gave us a short introduction in guitar playing techniques and he performed a couple of songs from his “Spa Songs” CD.