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Minutes from the meeting on 13th April 2016

The meeting on 13th April 2016 started in an unusual way. Rosie Philpott (Secretary) made a presentation, on behalf of members, to Peter Hawkins (ex Chairman) of a photo book and an original drawing. The photo book recalls many DAN activities where Peter was involved. The drawing, by Rosie, shows Peter painting a piece of artwork.

Minutes from the Annual General Meeting 2016

AGM has been held on 27th January 2016, in Park’s Cafe. 25 members attended the meeting. After Peter Hawkins’ brief review of the last year activities (mural design and painting, Droitwich festivals, Charter Day) and John Bodley’s financial report, discussion was moved to election of the new DAN officers. The new chairman of Droitwich Arts Network is Malcolm Wakeman.

Second part of the meeting was dedicated to future activities and proposals. Some of the possible new projects will be Bunting workshop during the Arts Week, music weekends, Mail Art project and Photo Marathon.

To read full document about new officers and their roles and responsibilities, as well as  detailed minutes from the meeting, please click on the buttons below.

AGM 2016 meeting minutes New Roles & Responsibilities