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DAN Christmas tree

Christmas tree detail 2Droitwich Spa is officially in the Christmas mode! On Saturday, 28th November, Droitwich turned into a Victorian market town. With food and craft stalls in High Street and lots of entertainment and lights on, and despite a bad weather, the town is ready for festive season. The Christmas tree festival took place in St. Andrew’s Church in town centre. DAN members have their own tree with fantastic ornaments made in variety of materials and techniques. Well done to all who created the decorations and many thanks to Paul Jones who took a photo of these lovely Christmas tree.

Decoration for Christmas Tree Festival 2015

Christmas tree festival will be held in Droitwich Spa on 28th November 2015. This will be the second year running that St Andrew’s church has staged the event. In organisation of Ann Reed from Droitwich Spa Knitting Circle and DAN the Christmas tree will be set up in the church a day earlier, on Friday, 27th November.