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Sam Hutchcocks: Artist in residence

Local artist Sam Hutchcocks was an artist in residence in the Meetbox in the first week of July. During her residency, Sam was working on her new painting of a bunch of yellow flowers in acrylics and paper collage.

Beside the chance to meet the artist, talk to her and watch her creating a new piece of art, the Meetbox visitors were able to see the exhibition of Sam’s paintings. 

Peter Hawkins is an artist-in-residence in the Meetbox

Peter Hawkins was an artist-in-residence from 20th until 27th June. Peter was in the Meetbox during the whole week, painting his new picture. The theme of the painting is a bit unusual for Peter who is the best known for his meticulously realistic landscapes. He chose to paint a scene from a busy Spanish street market full of people.  We all looking forward to see this painting finished. 

The Meetbox micro-residence: Tamara Jelača (6 – 13 June)

The Meetbox is hosting one-week micro-residence for local artists. It is a great way to give to the artists a space to work and present their art, but also for public to be introduced to local art scene, to meet artists and see them working on their newest artworks.

In the period from 6th to 13th June, artist in residence was Tamara Jelača. She was working on her embroidery for a design of the music album cover for 3-piece composition for piccolo titled “Shakespeare’s Winks”, composed by Argentinian composer and pianist Juan María Solare

Droitwich Arts Week (21 – 30 May)

The very first Droitwich Arts Week (21 – 30 May) is coming soon and Droitwich Arts Network has prepared a rich programme in the centre of the town. This is a week will be full of different events of arts and crafts for everyone, and of all types, including music, photography, theatre, painting, drawing, poetry & prose and sculpture.

collage 5

The Arts Week programme 

Saturday 21 May / St Andrew’s Church / 14 – 17h  / LOCAL TALENT MUSICAL SHOWCASE

Saturday 21 MayThe Meetbox / 14-16h / ACOUSTIC FINGERSTYLE WORKSHOP with Mike Johns

Saturday 21 May / Park’s Cafe / 19h  / POETRY EXTRAVAGANZA  poetry evening (m/c Fergus McGonigal, guest poets Sarah James, Claire Walker, John Lawrence, Cathy Gee, Nina Lewis, Maggie Doyle, Alan Durham and Polly Stretton)

Saturday 21 May / Sacred Heart Church / 19:30 / THE OAKVILLE SINGERS Concert in aid of Foodbank – £10 and includes refreshments

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Sat 21 – Sat 28 May / The Meetbox and the Library / ARTIST IN RESIDENCE with different artists every day 

Sat 21 – Mon 30 May / The Meetbox / 2. INTERNATIONAL MAIL ART EXHIBITION The exhibition “Let’s Do Shakespeare!” presents mail art sent from around the world 

Sat 21 – Mon 30 May / The Meetbox / DROITWICH PHOTOGRAPHIC EXHIBITION  The exhibition of photographs of Droitwich Spa ‘past and present’. Click the image below for more detail.

Droitwich Photo exhibition updated

Sunday 22 May / Lido Park / 14.30h / Music  in the Lido  Park :  CITY OF COVENTRY BRASS

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Monday 23 May / Park’s Cafe / 19h / DAVE REEVES – OUT THE FRAME poetry performance – tickets £5

Tuesday 24 May / Sacred Heart church / 19h / THE MOSAICS OF THE SACRED HEART CHURCH with David Holden

Wednesday 25 May  / The Old Cock Inn / 19.30h / UKULELES Bring your own ukulele (£1), or come and listen

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Thursday 26 May / The Old Cock Inn / 20h / FOLK MUSIC SESSION

Friday 27 May/ The Old Cock Inn/ 19h / MASSIVE  HEAD  TRAUMA 

Friday 27 May / The Norbury Theatre / 19.30h / MUSIC VARIETY EVENING – organised by the Droitwich Spa German Twinning association – tickets £10

Saturday 28 May / Victoria Square / 10 – 16h / ARTIST IN VIEW outdoor art on ‘French theme’.

Saturday 28 May / St Andrew’s Shopping Centre / 19.30 to 22.00 / FREE MUSIC 4 Shires Festivals in association with DAN are hosting a Parisian Night with “Vive la France!”, supported by a French Café Bar. The band is a charming and sophisticated duo-quartet performing classic French songs for listening and dancing. This social event is particularly aimed at DAN members so please come along and support us!

Sunday 29 May / Lido Park bandstand / 14.30h / BLACKWELL CONCERT BAND

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