Steven Riley

I started painting just over 10 years ago.
Up until then I had been a photographer, including teaching the subject in Art School.
My employment was also based around computing, hence the digital artwork included here.
Any digital work does, however, start off as a piece of my original artwork.
I love being an amateur as it gives me the freedom to try all media and subjects.
Although it is probably obvious that my main interest is Landscape.

Contact details:
Steve Riley
01905 426746
[email protected]

1. Lobster Boats – Acrylic
2. Polperro – Acrylic
3. Shetland – Acrylic
4. Jug and Fruit – Acrylic
5. Derek – Watercolour
6. Canal Boat – Watercolour/Digital
7. Across The Estuary – Oil
8. Student – Charcoal/Digital
9. Pilot – Acrylic
10. Monolith – Mixed Media11. The Bridge – Mixed Media
12. Winter Lane – Oil