Sculpture donation by Charles Hazzard

It is proposed that life size figure sculpture by Charles Hazzard, a national sculptor, who lives in Droitwich Spa and whose studio practise is situated in the Vale of Evesham, be donated and sited in the town centre of Droitwich Spa. The two works under consideration are Crawling Man and Connections.

Crawling Man echoes that of a salt brine worker, whilst Connections with its steel cable and joined, connected by way of its two interlocking hoops, and giving the piece its title, refers to the linking of Droitwich Spa to its twinned towns of Voiron, France and Bad Ems, Germany. Furthermore this piece refers to connections to the wider world e.g Saint Richard of Chichester, born in 1197 within the the area that became Droitwich Spa and Edward Winslow, from the area, who travelled on the ship, the Mayflower to the New World in 1620.

'Connections' (left) and 'Crawling Man' (right)

Connections‘ (left) and ‘Crawling Man‘ (right)


This project is supported by Droitwich Arts Network (DAN) and Droitwich Town Council Communities and Amenities Committee. Currently a number of locations are being considered for siting of the chosen work. Once a suitable site has been located a planning application will be submitted. For public siting in Droitwich Spa, the selected sculpture would be semi clothed, having a garment around its middle. There is also interest in donating copies the chosen sculpture for siting locations in Droitwich Spa’s twinned towns of Voiron and Bad Ems.

All images © Charles Hazzard

Examples of Charles’ sculpture work may be viewed at his website:

Please register your choice of sculpture, either Crawling Man or Connections to be placed in the town as a comment under this article.
Text and photos by Charles Hazzard

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15 Responses to Sculpture donation by Charles Hazzard

  1. MR J PATRICK says:

    connections !! crawling man looks like something coming out of a pub on a Saturday night

  2. Lisa Nash says:

    Could we have something pretty rather than these very masculine sculptures – Droitwich is a pretty place and we have a lot of male statues already

  3. Mrs Lesley A Hands says:

    Sorry, I don’t think either of these are suitable for Droitwich Spa. A much better subject would be Nellie Copson who everyone knew and loved. If either of these statues were placed anywhere in the town, they would be be subject to the vandalism which has occurred, and it would not be just fingers which were vandalised!!!!

  4. Ray Barber says:

    Nice as they are, I can’t see any relevance to Droitwich. The crawling man is a bit insulting.

  5. Sarah Halsall says:

    Don’t want either we would rather have something more fitting to our town. Give us Rik mayall 🙂

  6. Isla B says:

    Connections is better, especially if being shared with twinned towns. I would agree with other comments regarding potential damage and suggest they are situated somewhere with CCTV?

  7. stan says:

    Why would anyone turn down more art in Droitwich. Work by a local artist is appropriate. We should be thankful it is being offered, we could do with some real culture. Shouldn’t be threatened by vandals. No need for it to be ‘semi clothed’ either, unnecessary censorship. Connections would work well.

  8. Rocco says:

    No thanks.

    For the MAJORITY of people in this town, full on nudity, even as an ‘art’ form is no acceptable.

    As for the “unnecessary censorship” comment…hogwash!

  9. Rebecca Hughes says:

    I think it’s very kind that someone has wanted to donate a piece of their artwork to Droitwich however I really don’t believe either piece would benefit the town and I would feel very sorry for the artist as I am 100% sure unfortunately that they would soon be vandalised by people who don’t understand or appreciate them.

  10. Wychdoctor says:

    Where would the sculpture be sited? Neither seem very relevant to the town and one wonders which parts of the figures would be the first to be broken off by our local iconoclastic vandals! Maybe the sculptor could offer to refurbish our existing St Richard in Vines Park instead?

  11. Michael Howard says:

    Neither – no relevance to Droitwich

  12. Bill Phillips says:

    As we already have a sculpture celebrating the brine workers the connections statue is perhaps a better choice. Perhaps if it were to be sited on the Celvestune roundabout, any would be vandals would stand a good chance of being run over.

  13. Glenys Griffiss says:

    Very kind of the sculptor but no thank you. Neither one has any specific relevance to Droitwich. Both are quite hideous and would look better as far away from Droitwich as possible.

  14. Charles Hazzard is a fine art sculptor whose studio practice is situated in the Vale of Evesham, Worcestershire. He has exhibited widely at national exhibitions and recently held the position as the Henry Moore Sculpture Fellow at Loughborough University for a three-year term.

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