Sam Hutchcocks in Park’s Café

Sam Hutchcocks_2Originally from West Bromwich Sam Hutchcocks now lives in Droitwich Spa with her family. Sam attended Bournville College of Art following formal school years and gained ONC and HND in Technical Illustration there. This was followed by an early years teaching degree (B.Ed Hon) at Wolverhampton University.

Experimentation with mediums and subject matters continue to be an on going passion and Sam hopes that this comes across in her work. This exhibition has been an exciting extension of her art for art sake phase. Art for art sake literally meaning no deadlines no brief just playing with her favourite acrylic medium and seeing what happens.

Sam also collaborates with other artists to create bespoke art pieces, workshops and large wall murals. The most long standing collaboration being with Julie Haller as part of Moonlit Murals.

Many of the murals can be found on our website however you can view one or two of them locally. Chawson first school, Westacre middle school and Droitwich Spa medical practise have large permanent examples of our work.

Sam Hutchcocks opened her exhibition in Park’s Café on 1st March and her artworks can be seen until 4th April.

Photos by Sam Hutchcocks, Paul Richardson and Tamara Jelača (please click on the picture to see full size)


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