Ruth & Stewart Bourne exhibition at The Old Library

This month’s artists are photographers Stewart Bourne ARPS and Ruth Bourne LRPS. Stewart’s images of Birmingham on canvas in the Hall are from his ongoing Metropolis series. Ruth’s smaller format images in the cafe area are a triptych of New York scenes and a stylish Bilbao bar.
Ruth and Stewart are members of the Droitwich Arts Network and also of the f.action group whose work can currently be seen at County Hall, Spetchley.

“A few years ago health problems and early retirement afforded me some time for reflection and developing a new interest. I used a 365 photo-a-day project to develop my observational skills and took an Open University online photography course to hone technical and aesthetic skills. I love to discover other photographers’ work and views of the world. I also enjoy the opportunities for creative expression that post-processing offers. I don’t specialise, but I do enjoy spotting the quirky.” (Ruth)

“My work is not confined to any specific genre or subject matter, but there are some common factors which make me want to create a particular image. What I am hugely interested in is stimulating a reaction that quietly, and even gently hints, that something is not quite right, perhaps even slightly disturbing. The turning of an image of something recognisable and available into an involuntary peep down the rabbit hole. I want the viewer to be sure of what they are looking at, but slightly unsure about what they are seeing. This will always be a work in progress, but is turning out to be a most interesting and challenging journey.” (Stewart)

The f.action website is at

The exhibition can be seen until 29 February 2016.

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