Rosie Philpott’s exhibition at Park’s Cafe

Rosie Philpott is a local artist based in Droitwich Spa. After studying Fine Art and English Literature at Worcester University, she is excited to be making a living as an artist and illustrator and is delighted to take part in local town events.

Her paintings of local views, such as “Wonky Droitwich” and “Salt Day”, have proven extremely popular with their ‘local characters’ and quirky style. Rosie enjoys working in watercolour and fine line pen, exaggerating the scenes she sees around her. She has recently begun extending her work across the Malvern and Worcester area and is now capturing these scenes in her ‘wonky’ style.

Wonky Droitwich

Wonky Droitwich

You might notice that ‘the boy on the bike’ appears in all of Rosie’s Droitwich paintings and the dog called ‘Elgar’ appears in her Malvern pictures. Take a look and see if you can find them!

The majority of Rosie’s originals have sold. Limited-edition print runs out of 250 are now available. These are printed by the ‘giclée’ method on watercolour paper, signed, numbered, framed and provided with a ‘Certificate of Authenticity’. They are available in both the A2 and A3 size.

Rosie also enjoys creating ‘Stylised Portraits’ of people and their homes, picking up on their hobbies and interests. She has been praised for being able to capture an individual’s personality perfectly and providing customers with a unique and special gift.

Photos ©Paul Richardson

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