Rhys Jones’s portraits in Park’s Cafe

Droitwich Arts Network is proud to bring together many creative people of Droitwich area. Amongst the painters, crafters and mixed media artists, there is a very active group of photographers. Rhys Jones is an accomplished photographer and DAN current treasurer, and the most creditable person for organising the very first ArtsFest in Droitwich. 

In the Park’s Café, Rhys exhibits 7 portrait photographs of the local people – John B., DAN member, dressed for the Artist in View last summer; Laura D. of Fresh Nous; a MadCap Theatre actor; a little girl, a boy dressed up for the wedding; Karen T. from The Big Bra Lady; a girl dancer. 

The exhibition is closing on 28 November, so please be sure to come along, have a cup of coffee or tea and enjoy Rhys’s photography. 

More about Rhys Jones on his DAN website page or his website

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2 Responses to Rhys Jones’s portraits in Park’s Cafe

  1. John B says:

    The fellow with the moustache looks a bit shifty.

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