Photo walk in Droitwich High Street

On 13th of August the second photo walk of DAN photographers was organised by the member Rhys Jones. A group of enthusiasts from Photography Interest Group (known as PIGs) took a stroll from Queen Street down to the picturesque High Street. Soon after we split and everyone started to look at their own interesting spots to make a good shot.

Quirky old houses in High Street are real treat for any photographer. Although they are crooked as an effect of the brine extraction, they survived through the times and stand proudly leaning to each other. Beautiful black and white timber-framed ‘Spats Coffee House’ at No. 22 or sky blue ‘Fish and Chips Bar’ are just two excellent examples of Droitwich High Street architecture.

The group turned into Gurneys Lane where the last brine pumping station stands as the monument dedicated to an old town’s salt production.

Back to High Street, the group followed the route to Friar street, passing by St. Andrew’s Church and the old Town hall on the left and ‘The Talbot’ and red-painted ‘Staryard Interiors’ antique shop.

photo walk 1

Friar Street has some of the oldest houses in the town. Some parts of Priory House dated back to about 1500, while the house is largely refurbished in the 17th century. On the other side of the street is ‘The Old Cock Inn’ the public house ‘licensed in the 10th year of Queen Anne’. The frontal façade of the building has a big window from the medieval Church of St. Nicholas which was demolished in 18th century.

As the sun came down slowly, it was a good time to end the photo walk and have some refreshment in ‘The Old Cock Inn’. Few ideas for a future photo walks have emerged during the evening, so stay tuned and join in.

DAN members who had joined ‘Quirky Droitwich’ photo walk were: Rhys Jones, Prabhjot Virdi-Smith, Cheryl Walton, Karen Langridge (and her children), Malcolm Blurton and Tamara Jelaca.

A big ‘Thank you’ to all participants who submited their photos to be published.

Text by Tamara Jelaca

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