Peter Prinsep in Park’s Cafe

Peter Prinsep shows his pictures in Park’s Cafe during February (1 – 29 February 2016).

Having served 3 years at Mosley Art School, Birmingham, rather than moving to Art College, Peter who was fifteen at the time had the opportunity to start as an apprentice in an independent art studio. This beginning in Max Studios was the beginning of a 48 year career. Working as an artist in advertising and producing artwork for many leading Midland agencies and companies including Cadbury Schweppes, Dunlop, Pilkington, Sellafield, Bryant Homes and many other well known names.

As the digital revolution changed the shape of much work that Peter was engaged in , finally closing the studio, Peter moved his creative ability into designing and painting children’s soft play areas and nursery murals.

In retirement Peters life time in creative artwork was the perfect foundation for the further development of his talent and for the last 10 years he has been active in working in several mediums including, oils, water colour, pastels in a variety of subjects including portraiture, landscape and still life.

This is Peter’s second exhibition at Parks Café, his work is on view and can be purchased from – and he can be contacted on 07725488513 / 07789912627

Or email [email protected]

Bromsgrove Arts Workshop

Phone: 01527456886

Email: [email protected]


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