The exhibition in the Library

Chris Walker and Trevor Hunter, two of the winners of the Hanbury Hall exhibition 2018


Stephen Williams in the library

Stephen Williams has his painting on display in the library until 28 May. Stephen is an artist and retired art teacher from Redditch. He exhibited on several occasions in 1970s, and in 1976 he won ‘Mid Art’ prize for painting. He works, almost exclusively, in oils, and the theme of his work centres around abstract landscape. He usually let his paintings to develop spontaneously and his finished works often offer more than one way to look at and understand it.

Music Showcase in St. Andrew’s Church

Music Showcase in St. Andrew’s church was on the programme on Saturday, 21st May. The event started slowly with a limited audience of the first numbers performed by Wilf’s Carnival Band. But the sound of their music (foot tappingly interesting!) drew more people in and the audience numbers swelled as students from Witton Middle School and their families arrived. Indeed, the students joined in with some of the band’s numbers.

Droitwich Arts Week successfully started

Droitwich Arts Week successfully started on Friday 20 May and gave us a confidence that the whole week will be packed with a good quality programme. The exhibition of Droitwich in Pictures of photographs from the past and present, personal memories of Droitwich people and old town maps is opened in The Meetbox.


FREE Music and Social Event on Saturday 28th May at 7.30pm

Vive La France

Vive La France!

To round off the excitement of the French-themed activities, 4 Shires Festivals in association with DAN are hosting a free Parisian Night with “Vive la France!” performing classic French songs for listening and dancing. This event will be held in St Andrews Shopping Centre from 19:30 and is supported by cash sales at a French Café Bar.

A charming and sophisticated duo-quartet performing classic French songs for listening and dancing. The band’s huge repertoire includes classic jazz, “Musette” (Parisian folk), “Chansons Realistes” (made famous by Edith Piaf), Chansons Francaises (French songs originally sung by Nougarro, Gainsbourg, Jeanne Morreau, Henry Salvador, etc…), music from the 20s & 30s.

This social event is particularly aimed at DAN members, please come along and support us!