The exhibition in the Library

Chris Walker and Trevor Hunter, two of the winners of the Hanbury Hall exhibition 2018


Peter Hawkins’ painting in the library

Peter Hawkins exhibits his acrylic on canvas ‘The Quay, Dartmouth’.  The painting will be on display in the Droitwich library (ground floor) until 11th June.

Peter says: ‘I was fascinated by the harbour and the variety of buildings that surround it. I followed this picture with one of Dittisham from across the River Dart. I took longer on this picture than any other (to date) —108 hours.’

Artist in residence in photos

One of the major part in the Arts Week was artist in residence programme. Artist were able to do their art in public in two venues this year – the library and the Meetbox. Some new pictures are started, some old are finished. Even some new ideas were born. DAN members who took a part in artist in residence programme this year are: Bob Addy, Cindy Williams, Tamara Cutillas, Malcolm Ross, Julie Hunt, Malcolm Wakeman, Rosie Philpott, Tamara Jelaca, Karen Hotchkiss, Peter Hawkins, Alan Davey and Tina Watkins.

The Sacred Heart Church guided tour by David Holden

Yesterday/On Tuesday David Holden led a fascinating guided tour round the Sacred Heart church as part of Arts Week in Droitwich. He presented the story of the church and its wonderful Venetian glass mosaics, which include as a major feature the life story of our local Saint Richard de Wych.

Sacred Heart DAN talk-0880 David & cartoon

Although we only live round the corner from the church and have been many times, David was still able to introduce us to new facts and features about the church and the artists.

Arts Week: Guest poet Dave Reeves in Park’s Cafe

Arts Week is good opportunity for all local artists and DAN members to present their art, but it is always good to see what is going on around. Arts Week guest this year is a poet and performer Dave Reeves. Dave contacted us after he found out that his portrait, painted by American artist Cynthia Morrison, is a part of our Mail Art exhibition. It was not the first Dave’s portrait Cynthia has made and some of them were exhibited in the USA and Berlin. Dave joked that maybe one day he will be able to perform in the place where his portrait is shown. And, indeed, Droitwich was the right place.