2017 monthly meeting dates

For 2017 DAN planning committee agreed on the meeting dates for the whole year. That would help DAN members to plan in advance. We will share the calendar several times in the year as a remainder. The next upcoming meeting date, as always, will be announced on the website homepage. All members are welcome to take an active part in making decisions about DAN activities. Monthly meetings are a perfect opportunity to show your work, share your thoughts, meet creative people and receive an information about DAN activities. See you all in 2017! 

Droitwich Arts Network in 2016

2016 was filled with DAN activities. Some were ‘business as usual’, some were quite new and adventurous. Thanks to fantastic work of our communication team, DAN was very well presented in local media that covered all network’s events throughout the year. 

In this year DAN held some already traditional events, such as Hanbury Hall exhibition (with Julie Hunt winning ‘the best artwork’ prize) and Mural project (Edward Winslow and the ‘Mayflower’ voyage), Artist in View day (À la française) and numerous regular exhibitions in Park’s Cafe, The Button Tree Cafe, Droitwich library and the Old Library).

Exhibitions in November

During the November several DAN members have a opportunity to show their work in various places around Droitwich. DAN communication team was doing a great job in last couple of months to promote network’s activities, individual artists and the future plans. Therefore we have had a very good coverage in the local papers for all recent projects (Hanbury Hall exhibition, charity fashion show). 

Fashion Show evening in pictures

Charity Fashion Show event in M&Co shop in Droitwich was a success and will be well remembered to all who were there. A lot of fun, laughter and a positive energy was brought up by models and visitors who equally enjoyed the evening.