Over 2,000 new books in Planet Droitwich

Over 2,000 new books arrived in Planet Droitwich as a donation from one closed Birmingham’s bookshop. Even though Books For Free volunteers counted ‘only’ 500 copies today, it is clear that there are some very interesting titles. There is a book for everyone, from childrens’ fairy tales and young adult sci-fi novels to romance, thrillers and non-fiction books.

Among the new arrivals are numerous travel books and pocket travel guides, biographies and books about sport (horse riding, squash, cricket, golf, rugby, football, sailing, etc). Cooking books, encyclopedias, dictionaries, world classics, books on foreign languages (French, German, Italian, Russian…), magazines, poetry and all other genres can be found in Planet Droitwich. Finally, there is a quite good collection of DVDs and music CDs, as well as VHR tapes, that might be popular again (well, you never know!).

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Planet Droitwich is open four days a week (Monday, Tuesday, Friday, Saturday) and in a friendly atmosphere you can browse for your favourite writers and titles. If you cannot find a book you want, ask shop volunteers and they will look for you. For a small donation one may go back home with a real literary treasure.

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To illustrate the all effort that volunteers at Planet Droitwich put into running the shop, should be said that in last four months shop has had 5,291 visitors, 4,660 books were taken out and 5,553 books are donated.

By Tamara Jelaca

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