Next meeting: 05.12.2018

Time: 19:30

Place: Park's Cafe, 4 Victoria Square, Droitwich Spa

EGM meeting ----

Over recent months the committee has spent a significant amount of time discussing the benefits and entitlements of Individual Members and Group Members, compared with the annual subscriptions and the contribution of time by individuals. There is an apparent unfairness in that unlimited numbers of Group Members have the same benefits and entitlements as Individual Members but contribute much less. The majority of Group Members do not attend meetings but do enjoy the opportunities to exhibit and sell their work.

The simplest solution is that all members become Individual Members. However, the committee is willing to consider continuing with Group Membership if a fairer balance can be found between benefits and contributions.

As a first step, the committee proposes a straightforward change to section 4 of the Constitution. The change is to no longer identify categories of membership, fees, and entitlements, but to place that information in an appendix to the constitution. This means that future changes and refinements relating to membership require a change only to the appendix and not the body of the constitution.

In order to make these changes, we give notice that an Extraordinary General Meeting will take place on Wednesday 5th December at 7.30pm in Parks Cafe. This will be followed by poetry readings related to exhibits at the current Hanbury Hall Exhibition.


Rosie Philpott
(DAN Secretary)