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mail art poster 1Droitwich Spa Salt Fest started in 2006 to celebrate the town’s unique salt heritage. Since then the event has grown considerably taking place across the whole town centre and attracting thousands of visitors.

Droitwich Arts Network (DAN) invites member artists to participate in the Mail Art Exhibition that will be part of 2015  Salt Festival programme (12 – 13 September). Similarly, Les Amis des Arts de Voiron invites DAN members to respond in like manner. The aim of the project is to connect artists from Droitwich Spa with fellow artists from twin town. Feel free to introduce yourself through your artistic expression. We are looking forward to seeing your works.

“Mail art (also known as Postal art and Correspondence art) is a populist artistic movement centered on sending small scale works through the postal service. It initially developed out of the Fluxus movement in the 1950s and 60s, though it has since developed into a global movement that continues to the present.” (Wikipedia)

A bit of inspiration:



  1. Participation is free.
  2. Only one work per artist in one or both categories (two artworks max. )
  3. All mediums will be accepted like: mixed media, collage, painting, drawing, text/poetry, original printmaking, photography, digital art but please no photocopies.
  4. Dimensions: any that will be able to post
  5. Artwork must be sent through the regular postal service as a postcard (not in envelope). Be sure the postage is stamped at correct amount.
  6. No Jury. All artworks will be exhibited.
  7. Each artist is required to give the following information together with his/her artwork(s): name and surname, country, title of artwork, email and, if any, personal website.
  8. Artworks sent for the exhibitions will not be returned. The artworks will become a part of Droitwich Arts Network collection (or could be offered for sale for a symbolic prize and the revenues will be all donated to a charitable institution with the permission of the artist).
  9. All artworks will be published in e-catalogue and available to download.
  10. The organiser retains the rights to photograph and print photographs of works in local papers,in web, public relations and advertisements of the exhibition. The artists’ name will be clearly noted.
  11. The organisers,Droitwich Arts Network and Amis des Arts de Voiron, reserves the right to refuse any material judged to be unsuitable for exhibiting due to violent or offensive subject matter.

If possible, please make a photo or scan your artwork before posting. Also, after you post your artwork, please fulfil the Application form and send to Marie-Noelle Gaujour on [email protected]

Tamara Jelaca

Application form /download/


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