Lynda Sharp’s new exhibition

Lynda Sharp, a Bromsgrove-based DAN member, has her solo exhibition in Droitwich library until 31 March.  The paintings at the exhibition ‘Leap into Spring’ are inspired by nature – wildlife, birds, animals and flowers; and landscapes of a beautiful English countryside.  Lynda has been painting since her early childhood. She uses mostly watercolours, acrylics, and pastels, but recently started to experiment with fibre art. 

Lynda has her annual exhibitions in Bromsgrove library, but she also has shown her paintings in other venues, such as Kidderminster library, Hanbury Hall, and Maltstone pub. 

Lynda welcomes commissions and you can contact her on [email protected] or by visiting her website 

Lynda Sharp 5
Lynda Sharp 6
Lynda Sharp 7
Lynda Sharp 4
Lynda Sharp 3
Lynda Sharp 2
Lynda Sharp 1

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  1. Lovely artwork Lynda, well done.

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