Katherine Harris’ textiles in Park’s Café

Katherine Harris displays her artwork in Park’s Café from 2 until 30 May. Katherine’s work has been concerned with capturing the atmosphere inherent in old buildings using a variety of media including fabric, paper, paint, metal. print and machine or hand embroidery. She trained at The University of Reading, Falmouth School of Art & Design and Herefordshire College of Art & Design where in 1993 she won the Governors’ Prize for Craftsmanship.

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She has successfully held exhibitions throughout the United Kingdom and sold work in prestigious galleries such as The Mall Gallery in London. She has worked to commission and back in 1999 was focus for a video on the subject of machine embroidery called “Architextural Images” by a company called Find a Fact. Also in 2000 she was employed by Hereford City Council to create a hanging based on Bromyard. She has taught City & Guilds Machine Embroidery at Malvern Hills College (now South Worcestershire College) as well as doing workshops and talks to interested groups.

In 2001 she took a short break which has turned into a much longer one due to family and health issues. This exhibition marks a return into the art world and is a chance to show some of the work created up until that point.

Katherine is a member of the Droitwich Arts Network and can be reached through them or by phone 01905 756832.

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