Data Protection Policy

1 Purpose of DAN Data

DAN holds information about its members in Membermojo for the following purposes:

  • To identify members and their entitlement to DAN privileges
  • To provide information to obtain Public Liability Insurance via the Society for All Artists. (The SAA require an updated list of members names at least annually)
  • To enable the DAN committee to communicate information about events and opportunities
  • To enable members to network – i.e. make contact with each other.

2 Content & Usage

The content maintained by DAN is:

  • Name (Christian and surname) – key identification details
  • DAN Membership status
    (type of member – membership fee, used in mailing selections)
  • Contact details (email, telephone, address)
  • DAN support and member interest details (optional); made visible to other members for networking purposes.
  • Club membership (especially for members who gain membership of DAN through being a member of an affiliated club)
  • Membership set-up/ renewal dates

3 Member Data Management

DAN membership information is held in the Membermojo system. This is an on-line proprietary system that facilitates renewals, sharing of data between members (under the members’ control) and provides mailing selection and support.

Administrators can access all data. The administrators are the member management secretary and the club secretary. The administrators make monthly back-up copies of the Membermojo data.

Expired membership details are retained for 14 months unless a member asks for them to be deleted.

4 Usage Controls

Data is protected by passwords that are specific to individual members (or member access via email address verification). Membermojo allows members to update their own data, including the data visible to other members:

  • Name
  • Membership type
  • About me
  • Clubs or Groups
  • DAN support
  • Newsletter options
  • Artistic interest(s)
  • Artistic Interest(s) – specifics
  • Additional information

All mailings will include details of how to “opt out” of future mailings. (The Membermojo field “Data Access Confirmation” will be completed with the date that the member agreed for DAN to hold their data in this way).