Hanbury Hall 2015 Exhibition

Droitwich Arts Network members have each year a fantastic opportunity to show their newest works in Long Gallery at Hanbury Hall. This autumn, 32 artists are presenting their artwork in a huge variety of styles and techniques. Among 121 displayed pictures visitors can find oil and acrylic paintings, photographs, drawings in pencil, ink and pastels, watercolours and, what is new this year, clay sculptures and jewellery.

Hanbury Hall staff, dressed as members of the Vernon Family will pose within a frame, in a classic 18th-century painting set-up, and painters, photographers and poets are invited to be inspired and create some artwork. Visitors will be encouraged to do the photographs.

Visitors will also have a chance to identify their favourite piece and explain the choice. They will record the number of their choice on a slip to be deposited in a box upon exiting the gallery. The winning artist will be able to exhibit at no cost next year.


The very new at this year’s exhibition is a celebration of the exhibition that will take place from 12:00 on Friday 23rd October, to enable participants to review the exhibition and socialise. Food and drink will be available. At the celebration the most popular work of art will be revealed. DAN will try to make this kind of socialising for members and friends become a tradition.


The exhibition can be visited from 17th to 22nd October, at Long Gallery in Hanbury Hall (School Road, Hanbury, Droitwich Spa, Worcestershire, WR9 7EA)

Please click on the photo to see full size.

Photos by Tamara Jelaca © DAN


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