Exhibitions in November

During the November several DAN members have a opportunity to show their work in various places around Droitwich. DAN communication team was doing a great job in last couple of months to promote network’s activities, individual artists and the future plans. Therefore we have had a very good coverage in the local papers for all recent projects (Hanbury Hall exhibition, charity fashion show). 

In The Button Tree Café there are artworks by Tamara Cutillas, who’s display is a selection of 6 pictures, including few linocuts of Droitwich medieval buildings. Her exhibition will be on until 29th November (The Button Tree Café, 40-42 High Street, Droitwich Spa). 


Tamara Cutillas

On the short notice, two very different artists organised together their exhibition in the Park’s Café. Cindy Williams and Julie Hunt put up an interesting display that will cheer up anyone. Cindy displayed her black & white pastel portraits of unforgettable stars of the silent movie era. Julie shows the selection of her wildlife colour pencil drawings – Owl, Hare, Hedgehog… The exhibition will be on until 28th November (The Park’s Café, 4 Victoria Square, Droitwich). 

DAN corner in Droitwich library has 2 exhibitions in the month. In the first two weeks of November, Julia Hamilton has shown her watercolour painting. Julia is a trained artist with previous experience in ceramics and jewellery. 

Julia Hamilton

Julia Hamilton

Julia Rollit experimenting with textiles, particularly with wet felting technique and mixed media.  Julia’s textile landscape can be seen in the library until 26th November. 

Julia Rollit

Julia Rollit

The Meetbox gallery (St Andrew’s Square) holds the themed exhibitions each month. Remembrance Day exhibition presented artworks of several artists, including Stephen Evans who choose to display his military paintings. Without the doubt, the highlight of the Remembrance Day exhibition is outstanding tapestry that is put together by Ann Reed. Ann has designed the tapestry and organised local crafters to create this unique memorial in honour of fallen men of the Parish in WWI. The piece is knitted, crocheted and cross-stitched. Now protected with frame, the memorial can be seen in St Andrew’s Church in Droitwich town centre. 



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