Exhibitions in June

©Nigel Reader

Droitwich Arts Network exhibitions in June are very interesting in their diversity. Droitwich Library hosted a picture by John Bodley (read more) and local photographer Nigel Reader, a member of Droitwich Camera Club for 10 years. He has displayed his black & white photograph taken on an iPhone, which is a proof that in photography is much more important to have an idea, a good eye, and a sense for the ‘right moment’ than a costly camera (not that Nigel doesn’t use professional equipment too). The Button Tree Cafe on High Street is the home for another exhibition. Local artist Sue Harley have chosen 8 of her pictures, with subjects of animals and nature, to show at her exhibition. There are minimalistic drawings of cats and gentle portraits of animals, such as elephant, lion and hare. 

The Maltstone Pub in Cutnall Green is a venue for the exhibition of photographs by Ruth and Stewart Bourne and their friends Alex Isaacs and Pam Turner (all four of them are f.action Group members). Their display is a delightful selection of urban photography, natural and architectural landscapes. 

©Sue Harley

The biggest venue in Droitwich town centre, the Park’s Cafe, is hosting the artistic duo – Lyn Davies and Stephen Williams. Though they often choose to exhibit their art together, Lyn and Stephen have quite different styles and are always happy to experiment with new techniques and subjects. 

©Lyn Davies

©Stephen Williams


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