Droitwich Arts Week successfully started

Droitwich Arts Week successfully started on Friday 20 May and gave us a confidence that the whole week will be packed with a good quality programme. The exhibition of Droitwich in Pictures of photographs from the past and present, personal memories of Droitwich people and old town maps is opened in The Meetbox.

Visitors are able to see the old photographs of town’s streets and remember the buildings that are demolished long time ago or changed through the time. Droitwich people are invited to bring their own photos and show them on the exhibition.


In the same venue, 2nd Mail Art exhibition is opened on Friday. The title of the exhibition is ‘Let’s Do Shakespeare!’ to commemorate Shakespeare’s 400 anniversary. 69 artists from 23 country sent us their mail art. We have artist from Russia, Finland, Germany, Spain, France, Italy, USA, Brazil, Canada, Australia, Norway, Poland, UK, Greece, Austria, Serbia, Argentina, Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark, Japan, Chile and Mexico. It is much greater response than last year and we hope than next year we will have another good selection of art. All mail art can be seen on Droitwich Mail Art website.

Artist in residence in The Meetbox on Saturday was Julie Hunt. She was working on her delicate colour pencils drawing of an owl, as she loves nature and bird watching. The library has hosted DAN member Tamara Cutillas who showed her skills in special effects make up and Malcolm Ross.

The Meetbox upstairs room was an excellent space for Mike John’s acoustic fingerstyle workshop. Mike would like to keep doing this workshops, so if you are interested in learn a trick or two and improve your guitar playing skills, please contact staff at The Meetbox.


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