Droitwich Arts Network on Salt Fest 2015

Salt Fest weekend was an excellent opportunity for Droitwich Arts Network to promote its activities through an arts and craft exhibition and an art competition for the public. The exhibition in St Andrew’s Church in the town’s centre was a success, with total of 74 works in different art techniques exhibited and nearly 1000 people visited.

Droitwich High School pupils have displayed their photos snapped in and around Droitwich and show the talent and skillfulness that deserves a full acknowledgement. As it is the second year of their activities during the Salt Fest it would be great if it becomes a new tradition.

artists Salt Fest 2015

The craft fayre was at the same time at church as well as the exhibition of quilts by Shirley Price from Saltway Quilters. The part of this year’s art exhibition was the Mail Art project that connected artists from Droitwich with the colleagues from Voiron, the twin town in France. 12 French artists, members of Les Amis des Arts de Voiron, send their mail art via post. 20 small format artworks – graphics, drawings, collages, watercolours, oils, photographs and, even, marquetry – gave the visitors a sketchy view of Voiron art scene. It is an art exchange project, as DAN members will send their mail art to Voiron to be displayed on the exhibition in November.

A special part of DAN activities was the competition “Paint a Masterpiece in 10 Minutes” open both for children and adults. More than 60 people gave it a try to paint a Masterpiece in just 10 minutes, and the results were incredible. Winners were Naimh Byng-Hollander (4), Grace Gittus (8), Kate Rodgers (over 15) and special prizes were awarded to Samuel Walker and Harry Lewis. Harrison the Cat was widely admired and painted by Zoe Evans & Jessica Walker. The Mayor Coun Graham Beale was the judge and the winners were awarded at the end of the day.

Sarah Leavesley organised a Poetry reading in Saltbarrow Way on Saturday.  Three Worcestershire poets shared their poems of myth, history and endurance. Claire Walker was reading from her pamphlet “The Girl Who Grew Into a Crocodile”. Ruth Stacey shares the lives and intrigue of England’s queens in “Queen, Jewel, Mistress”, while Sarah James marks the endurance of nature, landscapes and people in her collection “Plenty-fish”. At the evening, Park’s café hosted a poetry evening.  The music is always an important part of Droitwich festivals and the Salt Fest is not an exception. 3-day programme was packed with a good music by numerous songwriters and bands, both established and young local musicians.

After a great success in July, Yarn Bombing is back to town. This time Vines Park was covered with knitted pompoms, banners, ducks, flowers and bees, all created by WI SPArkles and local knitters, made the park a special place.

All photos ©Rhys Jones, Prabhjot Virdi-Smith and Tamara Jelaca

Text by Tamara Jelaca

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  1. A big thank you to all those that took part and made the most of a rainy weekend!

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