Droitwich Arts Network in 2016

2016 was filled with DAN activities. Some were ‘business as usual’, some were quite new and adventurous. Thanks to fantastic work of our communication team, DAN was very well presented in local media that covered all network’s events throughout the year. 

In this year DAN held some already traditional events, such as Hanbury Hall exhibition (with Julie Hunt winning ‘the best artwork’ prize) and Mural project (Edward Winslow and the ‘Mayflower’ voyage), Artist in View day (À la française) and numerous regular exhibitions in Park’s Cafe, The Button Tree Cafe, Droitwich library and the Old Library).

But we also organised several other projects – WWI bunting making workshop and set-up, fundraising Fashion show organised by DAN member Helen Karakashian, International Mail Art exhibition (‘Let’s Do Shakespeare!’), poetry evenings (Poetry Extravaganza and guest poet Dave Reeves) and projects that involved local schools and the public. 

The great contribution to the local art scene is opening of The Meetbox in St. Andrew’s Square. Karen Hotchkiss and Justine Humphries create buzzing art centre with the programme filled with art exhibitions, workshops for children, adults and vulnerable adults, crafting workshops and projects open for the public to take an active part. As The Meetbox is situated in a vacant shop for a temporary period, it would be great if the permanent solution can be found. 

The WWI commemorative wall hanging, designed by Ann Reed and created by her knitting group, has finished and mounted in St. Andrew’s Church. It is a remarkable and poignant artwork made by local people in memorial of all soldiers from the Parish who lost their lives during the WWI. 

DAN member John Dudley, the music festival organiser and the man dedicated to discover and promote a young local talents, won Art Recognition Award that is organised by The Wychavon Community.

Droitwich Arts Network has proved that Droitwich is the town that has a potential to be one of the important art and culture centres of the county. The plans for the ArtsFest 2017 (Sat 15th July – 5th August 2017) are ongoing and it will be a huge challenge for DAN. Hopefully, DAN will find a sufficient funding and support by its membership which can help to organise such a big and important event. 

2016 was successful year for Droitwich Arts Network as well as for many members with their individual artistic achievements. Let’s hope that 2017 will be as imaginative and a prosperous and that our future projects will have a positive impact on the local community. 

Text: Tamara Jelaca

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  1. Michael Johns says:

    Well done Tamara! Great work. Thanks for including music at the Meetbox. The shop provides a super location for playing outside or workshops inside. I will try to make use of both in 2017. I have put out a call to local musicians who would like to appear in Artsfest.
    Best wishes,
    Mike Johns

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