Diana Curley

Diana’s work is influenced from her childhood memories. These memories are connected to her father and mother. Both parents have left traces of themselves imprinted on her whereby she is now creating art through them. She is a hands-on artist who now produces relief and sculptural work. Diana’s work uses the physical and mental capacities of her parents skills making two and three-dimensional artwork. Their simultaneous presence and now absence is now juxtaposing and using the interplay of the strong and the fragile together.

Diana’s parents introduced her to art in different ways. Her father through initial drawing and painting and currently works in wood that encompasses the memories of being in her father’s shed collecting the cut-off shapes that landed on the shed floor after he had finished his project. Her mother connected her to the textile side of art having to stitch, make or mend from an early age too. Material is now featuring in her current work that brings these two personalities together breaking silence by juxtaposing the hardness of wood, (masculine), and the softness of material, (feminine), to sit side by side.

Within the making process there are many obstacles that Diana has overcome. There is, however, a wider significance to her work she produces in that it has a personal, symbolic, emotional and psychological aspect that triggers a more intense and engaging experience, not only for herself, but hopefully for the viewers too.

All photos are ©Diana Curley. Please click on the photo to see the full size.