Diana Curley at Hanbury Hall

Diana Curley is one of the newest DAN members, but she has been creative and artistic all her life, even though professionally life took her in a different direction.  After retiring she decided to go back to her first love, the art, and she dedicated 9 years to studying for her BA(Hons) Painting Degree at the Open University of the Creative Arts. 

The exhibition at the Long Gallery is Diana’s degree show and it sums up her interest in both paintings and sculpture, that are delicately interwoven and live together in a very natural way. An important element of Diana’s work is a movement. It is present in her colourful sculptures in an automatic or manual mechanical way, or spontaneous movements with the flow of air. The movement is present even in 2D paintings through the cleverly cut shapes that seem to move around the surface. 

‘A Noisy Affair’

Diana says about her work: ‘My father introduced me to drawing and painting. I currently work in wood that encompasses the memories of being in his shed collecting the cut-off shapes that landed on the shed floor after he had finished his project. My mother connected me to the textile side of art having to stitch, make or mend from an early age too. Material is now featuring in my current work that brings these two personalities together breaking silence by juxtaposing the hardness of wood, (masculine) and the softness of material, (feminine), to sit side by side.’

Textile installation, a mobile sculpture

Diana’s exhibition is very exciting and refreshing, and it manages to engage visitors to look for the meanings and ask questions. Splashes of bright, solid colours and firm structure of black and white paintings will surely provoke your imagination. 

The exhibition is open every day 10 am – 5 pm until 25th March, in the Long Gallery at Hanbury Hall. Diana will be there to meet visitors and talk about her art. 

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