Cindy Williams


Cindy Williams is a pastel artist. Her art consists mostly of black and white paintings of actresses from the 1920s.

Cindy’s favourite era is the Art Deco era or Jazz Age. Her view on the actresses and ladies of that time is that they were very much more glamorous than modern day actresses. It was a time between wealth and poverty. People had an escape when they went to the cinema and saw those lovely glamorous beauties on the big screen. A couple of Cindy’s favourite Jazz Age actresses that she paints frequently are Louise Brooks and Joan Crawford.

Cindy paints all sizes from 8×6″ and larger, her biggest paintings so far have measured 28×20″. She loves painting BIG.

Cindy is always discovering more actresses from the past. She enjoys painting different portraits of
each one. Her favourite paper to use is Canson Mi-Teintes pastel paper. She mostly uses Fabre-Castell pastels
for all of her paintings.

Cindy also does pencil drawings and likes to use water-soluble graphite pencils. She has dabbled in acrylics, and watercolours but she usually finds that she always goes back to using her favourite medium, which is pastel painting.

The medium Cindy has most recently tried is the water-soluble ArtBar by Derwent.

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All pictures © Cindy Williams

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