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Newsletter: May 2016

2016-05-02The May issue of Droitwich Arts Network newsletter brings an outline of the events during the Arts Week (21 – 30 May), new exhibitions in DAN venues (The Park’s Cafe, The Button Tree Cafe, Droitwich Library, The Meetbox), music and theatre programme of the Norbury Theatre.

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May newsletter 2016

Minutes from the meeting on 13th April 2016

The meeting on 13th April 2016 started in an unusual way. Rosie Philpott (Secretary) made a presentation, on behalf of members, to Peter Hawkins (ex Chairman) of a photo book and an original drawing. The photo book recalls many DAN activities where Peter was involved. The drawing, by Rosie, shows Peter painting a piece of artwork.

Newsletter: April 2016

Newsletter April 2016

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Newsletter April 2016

Annual report for 2015/2016 for Planet Droitwich

Annual report of visitors and the movement of books in and out of Planet Droitwich can be seen on the chart below. Also here is the list of events held in the shop, groups and projects supported, donations taken in support of events that have taken place, and our donations of books sent to places and people requesting them.