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2017 monthly meetings dates

For 2017 DAN planning committee agreed on the meeting dates for the whole year. That would help DAN members to plan in advance. We will share the calendar several times in the year as a remainder. The next upcoming meeting date, as always, will be announced on the website homepage. All members are welcome to take an active part in making decisions about DAN activities. Monthly meetings are a perfect opportunity to show your work, share your thoughts, meet creative people and receive an information about DAN activities. See you all in 2017! 

Newsletter: August 2016

august news

August newsletter brings an information about Droitwich Arts Network activities during August. The Norbury theatre has a summer break, but there is a lots of good music, art exhibitions and workshops.

DAN newsletter can be found at few places in the town – The library, The Park’s Cafe, The Meetbox and The Button Tree Cafe.

To find out more please open the file by clicking the button below.

The newsletter for August 2016


Newsletter: June 2016

June newsletter

In this issue of DAN newsletter there are information about new exhibitions in the Park’s Cafe, The Button Tree cafe, the library and the Old Library. There is also information about the Meetbox activities and upcoming exhibitions in the Hanbury Hall.

To find more about exciting music events, concerts and a new play in the Norbury Theatre, please click on the button below (pdf file).

The newsletter for June 2016

Arts week – Artist in residence – 21-27 May

Here is an opportunity for people to see you in action and see your work! (It can help sales, too, people are more likely to buy from an artist they have met).

As the artists in residence spaces were so popular last year, we’ll have two venues this year – the Library and the Meet Box.

Please click on the link below, complete the form, and send to Peter Hawkins ([email protected]) or hand in at Park’s Café

Artists in residence – call to action