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David Thompson’s exhibition in Park’s Cafe

Park’s Cafe in the centre of Droitwich Spa is a place for the new exhibition of DAN member David Thompson.
Although David studied Textile Design at the South East Essex Art School and the Royal College of Art, in London, he did not start painting pictures until quite recently. He took numerous painting expeditions around Midlands and Wales, but also in distant lands such as France, Spain, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand. He enjoys trying to analyse and capture the variations in character of the landscape and the architecture and the qualities of light in these differing locations.

Arts Week: Guest poet Dave Reeves in Park’s Cafe

Arts Week is good opportunity for all local artists and DAN members to present their art, but it is always good to see what is going on around. Arts Week guest this year is a poet and performer Dave Reeves. Dave contacted us after he found out that his portrait, painted by American artist Cynthia Morrison, is a part of our Mail Art exhibition. It was not the first Dave’s portrait Cynthia has made and some of them were exhibited in the USA and Berlin. Dave joked that maybe one day he will be able to perform in the place where his portrait is shown. And, indeed, Droitwich was the right place.

Katherine Harris’ textiles in Park’s Café

Katherine Harris displays her artwork in Park’s Café from 2 until 30 May. Katherine’s work has been concerned with capturing the atmosphere inherent in old buildings using a variety of media including fabric, paper, paint, metal. print and machine or hand embroidery. She trained at The University of Reading, Falmouth School of Art & Design and Herefordshire College of Art & Design where in 1993 she won the Governors’ Prize for Craftsmanship.

Al Haden’s photography in Park’s Cafe

Al Haden LRPS, the Chairman of Droitwich Camera Club and member of Droitwich Arts Network, has his photographs exhibited in Park’s Cafe from 4 April until 2 May. Al shows a selection of landscapes, airplanes, abstracts and animals in colour, black and white and monochrome photographs.