DAN network exhibitions

Al Haden’s photography in Park’s Cafe

Al Haden LRPS, the Chairman of Droitwich Camera Club and member of Droitwich Arts Network, has his photographs exhibited in Park’s Cafe from 4 April until 2 May. Al shows a selection of landscapes, airplanes, abstracts and animals in colour, black and white and monochrome photographs.

Tamara Jelača ‘s embroidered illustration

Tamara Jelača has a two-weeks display in Droitwich Library, from 2 April until 16 April. She chose to show her small-format embroidery that was part of the series of illustrations for contemporary American poetry. The piece is inspired by Louis Simpsons famous poem “American Poetry”. Simpson described a poem like a silver mine. Silver does not usually sit on the top of the earth to be grabbed by any prospector. The miner needs to dig, excavate, and search for precious metal. Poetry requires the reader to do the same. For me, a poem is like a tornado. Like a powerful swoosh of ink, words and meanings.

St. Richard’s Festival exhibition application form

St. Richard’s Festival exhibition will be held in St. Andrew’s church during the festival, from 30th April until 2nd May. On the bottom of the page you can find a link to application form that has to be returned by Saturday, 23rd April by email  [email protected], or hand in at Park’s Café, Victoria Square or at The MeetBox, St Andrews Square.

Pastel painting by Cindy Williams in the Library

Cindy’s painting “The Girl From Mexico” is on show 19 March through 2 April in the Droitwich Public Library on the DAN table. This beautiful pastels painting on heavyweight paper is 12″ x 8″ in size and it is Cindy’s latest picture. Below you can see the few stages in the process of making this painting.

Cindy Williams is American and moved to the UK in 2003.  She has wanted to be an artist since she was a young girl, and in 2009 she found out she could actually paint. In 2011 she started painting Jazz era and art deco era paintings.  Her favourite paintings to create are black and white paintings of the SILENT FILM DIVAS of the 1920’s and 30’s.