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Peter Hawkins’ painting in the library

Peter Hawkins exhibits his acrylic on canvas ‘The Quay, Dartmouth’.  The painting will be on display in the Droitwich library (ground floor) until 11th June.

Peter says: ‘I was fascinated by the harbour and the variety of buildings that surround it. I followed this picture with one of Dittisham from across the River Dart. I took longer on this picture than any other (to date) —108 hours.’

Stephen Williams in the library

Stephen Williams has his painting on display in the library until 28 May. Stephen is an artist and retired art teacher from Redditch. He exhibited on several occasions in 1970s, and in 1976 he won ‘Mid Art’ prize for painting. He works, almost exclusively, in oils, and the theme of his work centres around abstract landscape. He usually let his paintings to develop spontaneously and his finished works often offer more than one way to look at and understand it.

Arts week – Artist in residence – 21-27 May

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Lyn Davies’ painting in the Library

Lyn Davies presents his portrait of the actor David Tennant on the ground floor in the library. This portrait is made with acrylics and is the first Lyn’s portrait of a celebrity.

Lyn Davies was into art since his chilhood as he always liked to paint and draw. Later in his life he enrolled various watercolour painting classes and get introduced to wide range of media and techniques.

Lyn Davies in Library

‘David’ will be on display until 14th May.

To see more about Lyn Davies’ art please visit his website.