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ArtsFest 2017 started suddenly on Saturday, 15th July, with a song. Many have been surprised when ‘Voices Unlimited’, a singing group from Worcester, has started their programme in St Andrew’s Square. After the energetic start, town crier opened the event and audience had a chance to hear brief speeches from Mayor of Droitwich Coun Shaun Best and Nigel Huddleston MP.  


After a great start with ‘Voices Unlimited’, the music show continued with the performance of ‘Sing and Tonic’ choir from Droitwich.  

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Town Crier and Mayor
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Malcolm’s ready
Photo from Tamara Jelača (1)
Sara Inglis
Ruth Bourne 1
Swing 42
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Photo from Tamara Jelača
Tamara Jelaca 1

‘Swing 42’ performed their easy listening repertoire in two sessions during the afternoon in the front of the Meetbox. 

Mr N Wardle, Head of Creative Arts at Droitwich Spa High School, presents the High School Musical Showcase. The rich programme went from Handel’s ‘Water Music’, jazz standards and George Gershwin, rock to ‘He is a Pirate’ from the famous Hollywood blockbuster. They played in St Andrew’s Church in the afternoon. 

Sunday, 16 July was reserved for Keith Slater and his ‘Sinatra Celebration’ performance. The brilliant tribute to Sinatra’s music, supported by film footages and images to create a complete experience, was sold out in a record time. Please check the trailer below. 

‘Alan, Alec and Bert’ is a monologue by David Izod, and it was performed at St Andrew’s Church on 21 July. Izod’s new 75-minute monologue is by turns both hilariously funny and desperately sad. While it tells the story of David’s Dad, it is really telling the story of all of us: we have all got parents and not one of us chose them.

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The very first ArtsFest seems to be very welcomed by local art, music and poetry lovers. The programme continues with various performances and activities until the 5 August. For more information and tickets, please check Droitwich ArtsFest website

Contact: [email protected] or 07787 227 390 (Rhys Jones)

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