Arts Week: Guest poet Dave Reeves in Park’s Cafe

Arts Week is good opportunity for all local artists and DAN members to present their art, but it is always good to see what is going on around. Arts Week guest this year is a poet and performer Dave Reeves. Dave contacted us after he found out that his portrait, painted by American artist Cynthia Morrison, is a part of our Mail Art exhibition. It was not the first Dave’s portrait Cynthia has made and some of them were exhibited in the USA and Berlin. Dave joked that maybe one day he will be able to perform in the place where his portrait is shown. And, indeed, Droitwich was the right place.

Dave Reeves is a poet, performer and historian born in Black Country and his writing is mostly inspired by the local cultural and social environment and dialect. He is the former editor of Raw Edge magazine and now presents Radio Wildfire‘s live literature show and his work has been widely published and appreciated. Dave’s poetry reflected his interest in everyday things and how our modern society is connected with our tradition.

Dave gave a fantastic performance of poetry recital. His words were followed, supported and emphasised by the harmonica and squeezebox music. Dave’s writing is a theatrical and full of unexpected twists (‘a burlesque in poetry’ in his own words). His humour is dry but witty and his stories incredibly warm.

Text and photo: Tamara Jelaca



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