A Painters view of the World

Michael Crockett’s exhibition in Parks Café, 4 Victoria square,  DroitwichSpa is open from 7th January until  4th February 2020.

Mike Crockett is a retired Fingerprint Expert having worked for various Police Forces. He lives near Bromsgrove. Following retirement, he took up Watercolour Painting at the Midlands Art Centre in Edgbaston. Five years ago he began painting using Oils and Acrylics. His preferred medium now is Oil.

Mike says, “Oil gives more time to develop the subject in the painting”. He enjoys painting Landscapes and Seascapes. Water brings its own life into a painting. “Our world is such a beautiful place in which the landscapes and seascapes benefit by having a variation in weather that gives us magnificent skies”. 

He will take commissions on Landscapes and Seascapes

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