The Meetbox is opening!

We are delighted to inform you that after much negotiation The Meatbox is now available to all DAN members as a place to engage in, and exhibit arts.  The Canalside studios has taken the responsibility of having the contracts scrutinised by legal professionals, and have taken out Public Liability Insurance that covers not just 2D art but all DAN activities in the shop, including 3D artworks. As such DAN members can make to most of this opportunity without responsibility or liabilities.

The Canalside Studios are not accessing any tax relief, and we are hoping the running costs can be covered by a 10% commission on any sales as there are no hanging fees either. This may rise to approximately 12.5% to cover card payment fees.  There will be card payment facilities in the shop for all to access.

the meetbox

We aim to be congruent and transparent in our role as facilitators of this project and are happy to answer any questions you may have in regard to this.

We intend to keep the name as The Meet box, as that is how it is known to all locally.

Please feel free to come down on Saturday, 27th February, when we will be putting up your displays, and temporary art work.

Justine Humphries

The Meetbox 

6, St Andrews Square

Saint Andrews Square Shopping Centre

Droitwich Spa

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